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Thank you for visiting our page. Below you can find out more about how Soccerswap came to be, the people behind it and our plans for the future.

Soccerswap - The Beginning

Soccerswap began as an idea during the 2018 World Cup Finals. Watching fans from all over the world unite in their love for football and their nations was an inspiration - the togetherness, the celebrations and the passion posed the question; is there a way to bring this energy home to the fans at a more personal level? And so, in October of 2018, Soccerswap was born.

What is Soccerswap?

Soccerswap is, at its core, an exchange of football-related gifts, club merchandise and memorabilia as well as other tokens and gifts between two football fans chosen at random during each round.

As well as this, members are encouraged to connect with others on a more personal level - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - you decide. Get to know your Soccerswap partner, who they support, matches they have been to, their favorite player. Maybe they play football themselves, maybe they coach. Maybe they just enjoy the sport as a fan. Don't be afraid to find out what other interests they have - the items you include in your Soccerswap should reflect what you've learned and hopefully you will make a new friend along the way. 

How does it work?
  • During registration, you will be asked to fill out a form containing your preferences for the round - things such as your preferred swapper's location (domestic or international), the team you support and any other interests/hobbies you may have. After registration for a new round closes, the work to match each applicant with a Soccerswap partner begins. A partner will be chosen for you at random while striving to meet your preferences.

  • Once all the applicants have been matched, you will receive an email with your Soccerswap partner's details - this will consist of their name, address, social media information, their supported team and likes/dislikes. At this point, you are encouraged to get in touch with your partner through social media. Making friends is not a requirement to the swap but it will only enhance the experience, so don't be afraid to shoot off a message or two!

  • What you include in your Soccerswap package is up to you and should be tailored to the interests of your partner. Some suggestions for your swap are club apparel (hats, scarves, jerseys etc), fan merchandise and gifts (keyrings, badges, stickers etc) and memorabilia such as match programmes, fanzines and books. Don't be afraid to include things you think your partner might like, e.g a local postcard, candies/sweets and other fun items. All that's left to do is to package your gifts and get it in the mail to your Soccerswap partner before the mailing deadline.

  • While you're preparing and sending off your parcel, your partner will have prepared and mailed one to you. Open it, enjoy and maybe learn a thing or two about another club, country or culture while making new friends along the way!

Soccerswap - The Future

The aim of Soccerswap is to build a community of football fans from around the globe by interacting, sharing and connecting in a celebration of football. Future plans for the website include a social hub for members new and old and a news and media hub for all things football! 

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