Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate?

Anyone can enter but you must:

  • Have a valid Email address

  • Register for each round of Soccerswap through our website.

  • Although not essential, we encourage our members to engage through social media to get the full Soccerswap experience.


When is registration?

Registration will be on a bi-monthly basis (every two months). The opening date for the next round can be found on our homepage. Once registration is open it will be for a period of 7 days only.


How soon will I receive details of my Soccerswap partner?
The matching process begins one week after the closing date for registrations. This process is not automated and may take a number of days. As soon as you have been paired with a Soccerswap partner, you will receive an email with their details. 


Can I contact my Soccerswap partner?

Yes, it is recommended that you do this as soon as possible. Getting to know your partner is a crucial part of Soccerswap and will help you learn what would make the perfect Soccerswap package. The swaps are not anonymous, so don't be afraid to send them a message on their chosen medium.


When should I send my Soccerswap parcel?

You will have four weeks from the date you are matched to send out your parcel to your partner. The specific deadline for mailing will be included in the email with your partner's details every round to avoid any confusion. This deadline is in place to ensure that everyone receives their parcel in a timely fashion before the next Soccerswap round begins. 


What happens if I can’t meet the mailing deadline?

The mailing deadline is in place to ensure everyone receives their parcel before the next round is open. If for any reason  you find yourself unable to meet this deadline for any reason, please contact Soccerswap and your partner to keep everyone informed. People who fail to meet the mailing deadline and do not inform Soccerswap will not be considered for any further rounds. This is taken very seriously, as the goal is to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience in each round. 

How many Soccerswap partners will I have each round?

You will be matched with one partner each round - you will mail a package to them and they you. In the event of an odd number of people signing up for a round, you will be paired with a Soccerswap representative.

What happens if my preferences are not met?

In most cases, all preferences will be met during pairing. However, in some cases this may not be possible - we will always try to accommodate you by pairing you with as close a match as possible. 


Is Soccerswap responsible for the delivery and receipt of my parcel?

In short, no - Soccerswap is simply the medium through which you and your partner are paired - it is your responsibility to mail your parcel and retain the mailing receipt as proof of postage. It is also your responsibility to inform Soccerswap if you do not receive your package. 


What if my package doesn’t arrive?

Soccerswap will allow up to 5 weeks from the mailing deadline for each round for a package to be received before a Soccerswap Supersub is chosen to step up and organize a replacement parcel for you. It is advised that you touch base with Soccerswap if you feel for any reason you may not receive your parcel so that your partner can be contacted. 

What is a Supersub?

Supersubs are volunteers of Soccerswap who will step in and organise a replacement package for you should yours not arrive within the designated timeframe. Soccerswap will choose a Supersub for you in the event of non-receipt of your parcel. 

Why is there a registration fee?

The registration fee is to help pay for the time and organisation that goes into every round of Soccerswap, as well as website and maintenance fees. 


How much is registration?

Soccerswap costs €5 per round or you can sign up for a yearly membership (6 Swaps) for €25.




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