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Aces started back in 2015…

Tom Sweezy was just getting into soccer after the 2014 World Cup. He played a ton of the FIFA video game series and wanted to learn more about what the United States had to offer soccer wise. So he created the @MLSAces Twitter account to learn about the league and dive head first into the U.S. soccer world. From that point on he started a blog dedicated to MLS and, of course, the MLS Aces Podcast. Now, we are heading into year 4 of Aces Soccer with our own website, new blog, and a new podcast!

Tom is now joined by Jason Vevang and Uncle Sam Nelson each week to talk about Major League Soccer on the MLS Aces Podcast. They also sit down to talk about European soccer each week on the Full Press Podcast. They make jokes, they give some great opinions, and they have a good time talking about a game that they love. Come listen, read their thoughts, and always remember… it’s called soccer ya wankers!

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